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Access to Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Polytechnic Institute is one mile north of Interstate 90, with the nearest interchange three miles away. Direct access is available to State Route 49 heading east and west, and State Routes 8 and 12 going north and south. Hancock International Airport in Syracuse is a 45-minute drive west, and Albany International Airport is a 90-minute drive east.

Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Polytechnic Institute and the region surrounding it enjoys ample access to NYS and Interstate Highways:

Via Car: Approximate Mileage to Marcy Nanocenter



Via Air: Marcy Nanocenter is located

  • 45 minutes from Syracuse International Airport
  • 120 minutes from Albany International Airport
  • 10 minutes from Griffiss AirPark with unlimited cargo potential