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Community Colleges

fulton-montgomeryFulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC)

Located halfway between Utica and Albany – became a natural feeder for the workforce needs that were encountered. The Center for Energy Efficiency and Building Science at FM provides training to construction industry professionals to enhance their performance within building science technology. In developing programs such as electrical technology and computer science, while also building cleanroom space to provide practical experience in the nanotechnology field, FMCC has become an important supplier of talent to nanotechnology firms within all of Upstate New York.


Herkimer County Community College (HCCC)

Herkimer College has also become an important workforce development partner in cultivating talent needed for a growing high-tech economy in Upstate New York. With programs such as Engineering Science, Mathematics, Quality Assurance, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Herkimer College is part of a STEM pipeline that will grow local talent in high-tech fields.

Hudson-Valley-logoHudson Valley Community College (HVCC)

HVCC’s School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies Students receive highly specialized training in semiconductor and nanotechnology, digital electronics, electro-mechanical devices, semiconductor manufacturing and the nanofabrication processes.

Most of the courses are taught at Hudson Valley’s TEC-SMART (Training and Education Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing and Alternative and Renewable Technologies) facility located in Malta. Some courses are held at the main campus in Troy. This program furthers Hudson Valley’s goal of providing the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries with a qualified workforce that demonstrates ethical responsibility as individuals and as members of a multidisciplinary team. Students graduate with the skills needed to continuously improve and engage in lifelong learning, and to adapt to a technologically advancing society.

3514eef8bb-241x300Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC)

Since 1946, MVCC has been the region’s primary educator for the technology and trades workforce. Their strength in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) make them an anchor institution for training and credentialing people to work in nanotechnology. MVCC has the widest array of related degree, certificate, and professional development programs ready to diversify the region’s workforce. MVCC recently rolled out its Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology degree, and as the nanotechnology industry expands across New York State, and in Utica in particular, this program will be an essential tool in growing the workforce needed to fill the jobs coming to the Marcy Nanocenter and to SUNY POLY’s Quad-C. Programs such as these ensure that students learn – and become proficient – in the skills needed to safely and effectively operate in semiconductor manufacturing environment. Other important programs that contribute to building a strong STEM-proficient workforce in the Mohawk Valley include Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering Science, Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Cybersecurity. MVCC has a strong history in developing curricula to suit the needs of both new and existing employers.

hcccLogoOnondaga Community College (OCC)

Onondaga Community College’s advanced manufacturing certification provides students with the skills necessary for employment in many high-tech manufacturing and machining industries. Similarly, the College’s programs in math & science, engineering science, electrical engineering technology, mechanical technology, and nuclear technology are prepping students throughout Central New York and the Mohawk Valley for high-tech careers.